Jun 10 2013

At the last Bart Smit’s channeler lecture, Pathway to Consciousness event, Dr. Williams talked about situations and feelings many of us have spent our lifetimes in and what we need to do to liberate ourselves from them to become the Conscious beings we really are.

Bart has been deep trance channeling Dr. Williams for 29 years. When Bart calls you or you call at the time of your appointed session, he is already in trance and it is Dr. Williams who welcomes you on the phone. His first comment is… Please say your first and last name for me three times. It is necessary for him to hear your name three times so that he can link with you on the levels of body, mind, and spirit and respond to the energy you present. After you answer, he will ask you to proceed and ask your first question. There is no waiting time. The full hour is for you, your questions and yours concerns.

It is stunning to realize that right after an event as intensive as the Bart Smit Meditation Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, we are already discussing and preparing next year’s retreat. After negotiations with the Sheraton, we will have different room/travel plans for our guests – details will be available soon. Also, it is official, the 9th Bart Smit Meditation Retreat in Puerto Vallarta will be February 21-28, 2014. Get your agenda ready!