Sep 06 2016


Imagine that you are an atom that is connected to everything in the entire universe. My atom is connected to her – we share the same atom. Her soul and my soul come from the same light, the same creation.

We live in a matrix. I have been so caught up and glued into her energy that I have not allowed the universe to pass between us. When we talk about vulnerability and transparency – it happens in the space between us. We’ve learned that when we’re open, transparent, and vulnerable we evolve spiritually and grow enormously. But, what happens if they are the major key components of the matrix we actually live in?

When it comes to really knowing real love, a real sense of being, it doesn’t happen in the third dimension, it happens in the fifth dimension. What does that feel like? The more I know that she and I are made of the same atom and we’re created by God, and I know she’s magnificent and beautiful and I’m beautiful, the more I need to create space for me and for her. The more I create space for these two atoms, the more I’m sort of at the edge of the Milky Way and I can experience the universe and the magnificence of it in each of us.

The reality is: am I an atom? Yes. So why am I merging with her and everything in my life? When you and I are in the same space, I’m going to drink in your love, your grace, but we’re not going to throw up on each other energetically. We are going to share a space of intimacy and vulnerability that allows each of us to have our own universes in the same room at the same time without needing to become each other.

Faith is very interesting because there is faith and there is a sense of knowing. Do I believe? Do I know? These are two different things. The sense of knowing comes from the state of our soul. The soul KNOWS; our spirit wants to believe. The soul knows that you no longer need to be poor – emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually. I can create a space between me and the experiences in my life and allow not only a knowing, but also a feeling, that there are atoms that unite us on a soul level but no longer on an emotional or karmic level. When we relate to somebody on an emotional level – anger, disappointment, all the qualities of the ego – our karma cannot be resolved.

I know all this is new information. If I create a space between the two of us and allow the universe to enter into that…I am almost on the edge of the matrix, that magnetic field of energy that bonds us together. When you move to the edge of the connection where the two of you just touch, just on the edge of existence, then my entire being goes boom, boom, boom, and becomes three dimensional. You need to feel that between us there needs to be this magnetic field, bandwidth, this Milky Way where God actually becomes present.

You’re making a shift in your entire being and allowing yourself to become the witness. When you say: I’m watching myself doing something, that’s here. And if you take ooone step further back, you’re actually just where her atom and my atom touch, but I’m allowing the universe to move through me and in front of me just before we touch. When you become the witness and ask yourself without reacting: what’s going on here? What’s happening? Now you are having a direct communication with your soul. That’s a profound place to be.

This bandwidth obviously has been there for centuries; this is not new. Your soul is watching me watching you, but the soul is becoming one with God. You are all merging and becoming light and energy instead of personality. And because you are, you’re drawing yourself back to the edge of where the universe exists.

You are connected to EVERYTHING. This is the difference: the universe loves me; the universe knows where I am; and the universe supports me. What do those three things mean that I’ve been telling you over and over and over? The universe knows where I am: I am on the edge of that electro-magnetic band where the atoms in the universe meet each other. The universe LOVES ME: in this world there is ENDLESS LOVE, and ABUNDANCE OF LOVE, and possibilities.

Every morning when you wake up: I AM LOOOVE!!!!! And I AM A CREATOR! And I LIVE AND BREATHE IN ABUNDANCE! And that is not a belief system, it is a state of BEING in THIS world. Because in this world that is a reality. I’m creating belief systems of worthiness, and in this world it is a FACT! It is reality.

When John gets a moment of contraction he never stays in it, because he knows expansion is around the corner. You contract and expand and contract and expand. John is going: OMG! IT’S GOING TO BE GOOD! He’s going to surf that energy, and allow WHOOFFF!!! all that to come into his life. And then he’s going to wait for the contraction. That could be an hour, 2, 3, until – WOW!!! HE’S GOING TO RIDE THAT WAVE AGAIN AND HE’S GOING TO CREATE. And that is where you can enter and create. THIS is what you’re capable of creating. But you need to feel the expansion and contraction and expansion and contraction and when you move into that spanda, that movement, the edge where that electro-magnetic field is, the edge of the universe where you say the entire magnetic field changes – THAT’S where you should position yourself to create your world.

This blog is an excerpt from the last Bart Smit's public event in Oakville

The next events are September 10, 2016 at the Akasha's Den in Oakville and November 6, 2016, the Pathway to Consciousness  in Toronto

The Bart Smit Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat 2017 is February 10-17, 2017 in a Gringo Gulch villa, Puerto Vallarta

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