Apr 11 2015

Matter - New stock options in the universe

So, 2015 is where there’s a shift on a very deep global level. Guess what? New stock options in the universe. 2015 is really about not allowing or becoming steeped in very old behaviors and emotions. Even though the economy is going to be starting to crumble, you’re going to see opportunities – there’s almost like the beginning of life at the end of the tunnel. You’re going to get a sense of – you know what, the world is going through change.

You are beginning as an individual unit, to no longer need to get the approval of your other components – mother, brother, etc., you’re beginning to operate independently. This is a shift in Consciousness that doesn’t sound very big to you, but in actuality it’s really big. The more you shift into individual Consciousness, the more you finish your karma in this incarnation. It’s about letting myself become so open, intimate, and transparent that I can allow the universe to move through me in a way that I’ve never allowed before. 

Matter is a self-sustaining, self-pulsating, self-preserving and restoring, renewable, vibration of energy. Matter is an energy that was used in Atlantis. It was your life, your energy, your fuel. Matter is a universal energy that functions and operates all on its own – it renews itself, rebuilds itself, cleanses itself, vibrates, can represent itself as light, electricity, energy, vibration, pulse, or sound. 

Matter cannot be experienced or we cannot rebuild the infrastructure of matter within our personal life unless we allow ourselves to really be open, transparent, and vulnerable within the universe. So, where the majority of your relationships were with people, it’s now really shifting from them – and you can love your wives and husbands and everybody else - but there’s a shift. And the shift in 2015 is where it’s really you and the universe.

Consciousness gives us the ability and gives us the answers. The whole universe is made out of Consciousness. Consciousness can bring me awareness, but matter can restore my relationship with the universe. Consciousness is very involved in what you like and what you do not like - your aunts and uncles and villages. Matter is not involved in the materialistic, emotional, or outcome because matter is a self-sustaining, perpetuating, universal synergy that restores and balances your relationship with the universe. It doesn’t care what’s happening in your world. It’s not interested. Matter only cares about the virtues of the heart and how to repair your relationship within the universe because that corrects everything.The universe and you are one. Let’s say that I am out of balance in my relationship with my wife.  It means that I am out of balance with the universe, not just my wife.  

Consciousness gives me the insight that I am not being honest or faithful or compassionate. Consciousness leads me to feeling and brings me awareness. It also gives me the insight about emotions that are all chemically based. And they require chemical responses. But feelings and Consciousness derive out of the same place. Before your emotions ran the show, now you’re beginning to let your feelings guide you. Your emotions are not your driving force; it is your feelings that guide you. Does that mean you are creating a space within the universe? The answer is yes. When we become the witness of the Self and we feel, we’re not reacting, we feel, we create the space where matter allows itself to re-exist and reestablish itself, to restore your relationship in the universe.

When you wake up, the first three to five minutes are the most significant. This is the most important time when matter gets restored. You need matter to restore your relationship with the universe. Love is a very significant transformation. Love is the only feeling that can resolve and restore your entire relationship with the entire universe. Did Gandhi become the universe before he died? Yes. Can you become the universe before you die? Yes. Can you get off the rat-race of reincarnating? Yes. This is not something I can teach you. You need to feeeel. 

When you wake up start off saying that you are pure love, pure Consciousness, that you want to fully experience love within the universe. Matter doesn’t care about your emotions, wishes, or wants. But when I say to matter - I want to fix my ability to feel love, to experience love within the universe between myself and everything else, I’m not controlling matter. It cannot be dictated to. 

Matter is about saying I need to be in a very quiet, still moment when I wake up. And love is the first rebuilding, restoring that matter does. If you wake up every morning and imagine that you are allowing that love and synergy to come to the surface and feel that there’s a restoring connection between you and the universe, how you relate to everybody else is completely different.

There are only two places that you can exist – in the matrix, out of the matrix; one with the universe, or being in the matrix. You need to be the universe to get out of the matrix. So, to become is to be it. Matter restores compassion, intimacy, and vulnerability. It restores the basic, fundamental virtues of the heart in order to find balance in the universe and restore your relationship with the universe. The soul is totally comfortable with transparency and vulnerability. That is matter. Matter is not only a self-sustaining energy that protects, repairs, and restores the universe, but it can also help you restore, protect, and rebalance your relationship within the universe. But that requires you to redevelop that awareness when you wake up in the morning. 

Matter is a presence that you are the universe. Throughout your day, repeat the saying: the universe knows where I am at all times and I am safe. If you were to use that as your mantra, you are bringing matter into your inner world. That is where matter can be repaired and restored. It is only your relationship with the universe that can make you feel safe. Matter is a self-restoring, self-creating energy of light, sound, and vibration that travels through the universe that the majority of people have been disconnected from. When you have a need to feel really safe, then it eventually finds you in deep meditation and those neural pathways within the brain can be restored. 

I encourage you, when the economy begins to deteriorate, turn the TV off. Start not participating in the madness of the world. Make a choice not to listen. You can watch the news, but do not let it repeat and repeat itself because the shift in 2015 is a restoring of Consciousness and matter in a way that this civilization has not experienced in a very long time. This is the rising of Atlantis, the rising of Consciousness! This is what happened in Paris. They were expecting an outcome, but the world responded very differently and the whole world came forward in unison. They didn’t come from a place of fear. 

So be very aware that you do not disturb your existence with the universe and if there’s a repeating of an event in the world, don’t listen to it. If you are afraid, then restore your relationship with the universe and say I need to allow myself to feel safe and vulnerable at the same time.

This is your opportunity to really learn to trust and repair and restore, but you are used to listening to the TV and allowing this fear – which is the most damaging, drowning, destructive force on this earth. Fear cannot, should not, be a part of your day. If it strikes you, then immediately say: the universe knows where I am and I feel safe within it.  

This blog is an except of Bart Smit / Dr. Williams' Pathway in January 2015.

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