Bart Smit Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat 2018


Gone to the meditation retreat!


The detailed information about the 15th Bart Smit Meditation Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, 2019, including the registration form will be presented PDF format, summer 2018.


We meditate for various reasons.

  • Meditation is the doorway to the soul. We meditate to expand the unfolding of our own pure Consciousness, the inner state of luminosity, love, and wisdom that many traditions call the inner Self or the Heart. Only through meditation do we find lasting, divine peace.
  • Meditation washes away negativity and removes impurities and tensions that cause suffering. Meditation makes us more skillful at everything we do. Through meditation, our inner awareness expands and our understanding of inner and outer things becomes deeper.
  • Meditation is the doorway to the spiritual heart. Through meditation we earn spiritual awareness and merit. We attain one-pointedness and learn to seat the mind in the spiritual heart as we go about our daily lives. We move from emotions to feelings and from doing to Being.

Participants come to the Bart Smit Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat seeking the safe, nurturing, and sacred environment of Puerto Vallarta, where they can be in union with nature, rest, and integrate the teachings in a generous midday break. They reorient their priorities and discover how to deal more effectively with the challenges in their lives.

People with great hearts come to these retreats. Spiritual seekers, from the beginner to the advanced meditator, are offered the opportunity to go beyond their barriers in meditation. They leave behind everyday activity to rediscover and reconnect with the purpose of their lives and the core of their beings. When you make a personal commitment to a meditation retreat your spiritual path is deepened. Your energy, attention, and focus are transferred and channeled into Being. The doing of life is released, and you return to the essence of your original state, transformed through discipline, focus, and faith.

The full benefit of this retreat is relative to your openness to it. The benefit begins when you make your commitment and register.  It is my intention for all of you that you always find a way to move forward on your spiritual journey. Do it while you can.  Do it now.

Dr. Williams recommends the theme of the retreat each year based on the collective group needs, astrology, global changes, and human evolution. Next retreat will provide me with the extraordinary opportunity to address the entire range of experiences in meditation.  I will be able to meet the needs of beginning meditators as well as advanced. Wherever you are on your inner journey, this retreat will offer the privilege and Grace to go further. The process of meditation is ever deepening as we bridge the gap into wholeness.

We understand this is a significant commitment; and to help you make a decision, we suggest that you view the video meditation retreat teaching of Bart Smit and Dr. Williams. Also we recommend you to look at Bart's meditation philosophy. The Photo Gallery and Client Moments of Gratitude for more insight about previous meditation retreats. 


Silence replenishes our cognitive resources.