The most profound readings come from questions that directly relate to your own life.

  • How can I connect to the Inner Self and how can I express it without limitations?

  • What is the relationship between my spirit and my soul?

  • What is the purpose of my unique spirit? What is the journey of my soul?

  • What are the aspects of my life that need to come forth at this moment to overcome the obstacles in my path and to further my soul’s journey?

  • What is the most important karmic pattern that I am dealing with at this time? Am I repeating patterns that I did not deal with before?

  • Are my male and female energies in balance? Is either blocked?

  • How do I allow the problems of my youth to affect me as an adult?

  • What is my greatest limitation?

  • Who are my guides and teachers and what role do they play in my life?

  • How can I become more in tune with the guides, teachers and energies that are around me, and how can I learn to perceive them? How do I communicate with them?

  • How can I better understand my part in personal or career relationships?

  • What question have I not asked, that I should be asking at this time?

  • What prevents me from reaching my goals in life, business, relationship, and health?

  • What shifts need to occur to reach my goals?

  • What lessons am I learning through my family dynamics?


The more focused the questions,
the more focused the answer.

Your possibilities are limitless. For further understanding of the types of questions, please feel free to contact our office.

Under the Clients' Moments of Gratitude, you will find letters from clients that show you how Bart and Dr. Williams have helped them.