Personal Readings with Dr. Williams  are available in person or by phone for worldwide access.

Before a reading please prepare about 20 questions in the areas of your life to which you have given thought, and about which you seek more information. Your questions may touch upon any subject, event, or aspect of your life. They should be direct, specific, and to the point.

The more focused the questions,
the more focused the answers.
Questions about others should be focused towards a greater understanding of your relationship with them. Instead of depending on predictions about future events, know that they will be the result of your present actions and state of consciousness. Included in this web site is a list of possible questions. Your possibilities are limitless. For further understanding of the types of questions, please feel free to contact our office.
During the reading remain open in body posture and in mind. At the start Dr. Williams will ask you to say your name three times so that he may link with you on the levels of body, mind, and spirit and respond to the energy you present. Dr. Williams comes forward with a healing energy so that the session is fulfilling to you rather than draining.

Be aware that Dr. Williams is pure consciousness. Posing your question and waiting for an answer gives an opportunity to enter into deeper levels of dialogue and understanding. During the session Dr. Williams will ask if you understand. It is up to you to say “yes” or “no”. If you feel you need greater clarification, ask for it. Do not limit yourself.

After the reading contemplate the answers and spend time with them. Do not take them at surface value only. They go deeper than you might initially think and there will be information to digest on many levels. Listen to your mp3 file at least three times, with reasonable intervals between,  and make notes if you wish. Some people transcribe their conversation to better understand the depth of what has transpired. You will learn something new each time.

Interpretations and applications of the reading are up to you. At the end of a session Dr. Williams will say, “ It has been a pleasure and a honour. Until I meet you again may the grace of God be with you.”  Out of respect you say, “ and also with you”.

I am often asked, “What is the appropriate time span before I book another session with Dr. Williams?” To support the ongoing process of their evolution, many people choose to have another session when they formulate more questions in response to the answers they have received. Many of Bart’s clients sit with Dr. Williams every month and have done so for years, some for twenty years. The greater body of his clients he sees about every three months. 
As one seeker described it beautifully: “To travel this journey with an intellectual knowing of one’s connectedness to God is comforting. To meet and spend time with Dr. Williams is to transform that knowing into absolute certainty. It is to experience unconditional love, to free oneself from blame and to know that a joyous life is God’s wish for each of us. It is to be reminded of the sacredness of one’s life and to be restored to awareness of one’s own power of choice. If you can imagine all this delivered with a delightful sense of humour, then you have a small idea of what is in store (when you have a session with Dr. Williams.) A blessing on Bart and Dr. Williams.” Paul M. 

For detailed information please see Before Booking a Session or contact the office and book a session.