Abundance of many gifts - Barbara

My dear, dear Bart,

I came to the Puerto Vallarta Retreat with no expectations and left with an abundance of many gifts. 

I experienced an enormous shift with Memo, the "Digito" Chiropractor on my first full day in Mexico, enabling me to abandon my asthma medications after sixteen years!  This was not an easy thing for me to do AT ALL and I believe I would not have been able to do this, if I didn't have the knowledge of how highly you think of him.

I was so happy to be able to sing for you and the participants and enjoyed myself immensely, performing with abandon and great joy. Next year you may have to bring along a hook, to pull me off the stage! I also feel enormously privileged to have

been part of the Seva team and particularly look forward to snagging one of the silk jackets next year....

I found myself in a trance state for a lot of the time, as my meditations were so deep. It was difficult for me to come back down to earth and socialize or participate in the small groups but that in itself is a very different experience for me too. I have never been so inarticulate and antisocial in my life - and I am thrilled about it!

I thought you were masterful Bart! That you could be so profound one moment and laugh your head off the next, made me feel supported in my own behaviour. You were a great  container in your ability to  be lovingly firm when some of the participants were struggling and very clear in your opinions. Bravo! 

Friends have remarked on how much calmer I am upon my return from Mexico. I am  currently experiencing some personal challenges with an ill family  member and I found the teachings of Bart, Carol and Dr. Williams an inspiration and  great comfort. Despite the unhappy circumstances, I am feeling very in tune with my bliss and feel that this has come from being around so many amazing, enlightened people.

Love to you,