Genuine caring in our journey - Linda Racicot

Dear Bart,

I wanted to thank you for another great retreat. The teachings you presented this year were very profound.  I found them fascinating and also liberating. I was able to come to a deeper peace in myself and my life.  Each year the teachings seem to be the perfect thing for the next step in my journey of life.  
I treasure this retreat each year also because of the wonderful people who participate. Like you or someone said, we are all joined together because we are at the same place in our journey. I certainly felt very connected to everyone.
The space that you hold for all of us is such a blessing.  Your love, your laughter, and sharing of your experiences, adds to the richness of the teachings and my ability to embody them.  The way in which you have structured our days and the location seems to be perfect.  Having meditation and teachings in the morning and then having a break for lunch, a swim and allowing things to seep in. Then we get a treat of music in the afternoon.. what a blessing and then moving into the chanting and more teachings then breaking for dinner and connecting with other participants.  And what I love also is that although it is structured to an extent, you allow things to flow organically. I felt that this year things flowed gracefully. 
It was great to have the two afternoons with Dr. Williams. I am always blown away by the energy he brings into the room. It is filled with so much love.  The question and answer periods that you and Dr. Williams provided were precious.  I feel that being in Puerto Vallarta adds so much to my ability to be centered.  I say this because of the hotel and its location and the people of Puerto Vallarta all enable me to be worry free.  Everything is easily accessible, the people are all friendly, the food is great and to be able to be by the water, watch the sunsets, feel the warm breeze, and the warmth of the sun all make it easy to relax and focus on your teachings.
Thank you again for your love and genuine caring in our journey. I heard many people say that even though the group is large, you seem to connect with each and everyone on a personal level.

With much love and gratitude.
Linda Racicot, Spiritual Psychotherapist, Kundalini Yoga teacher