Blissful experience - Donna

Hi Bart

Spring came while we were gone just to welcome us home. I wanted to thank you for the retreat. The standards you set create a blissful experience. I love Puerto Vallarta and find it such a treat to be feeling familiar there and at home right away. My greatest gift this year was physical rejeuvination. All the stress and fatigue of meeting my thesis deadlines washed away in the mediations. The ocean helped too, but really it was the purity of the container you set and your authenticity which benefited me most. My greatest challenge was being in a wide open state from the meditations and then being put in group discussions. Boundaries seemed to be the issue everyone was working with, myself included. It may feel safer if the group sharings could be done outside the sanctuary.  It was a wonderful week. Thank you  I hope it is getting easier for you to do.