I am a different person - Sue Herd

Hello Bart,

This afternoon I spoke with a friend that I had had a conversation with the day before we left for Puerto Vallarta. He said, "Oh, you sound better...actually, you sound like a different person". My response, "I am". Then I realized how true that statement is. I am a different person - I feel different, my thoughts are different. I'm letting go of my stress reaction and feeling responsible for the welfare of others, and starting to become the observer (this will take a little time). This all results in better organization, getting the things done that need doing and leaving me time (I am making the time) for regular meditation. Spiritually I felt like I was spinning my wheels and now I'm out of a rut. 
The place of love that you have come to, shines from your eyes. Your sense of humour, the apparent effort that you make to be clear, and the truth that you speak all made this a truly incredible experience.
Dave and I (I believe your first successfully completed Intensive couple) are both so happy that we were able to share last week with you and all of the participants. We look forward to next year.
With love and gratitude,
Sue Herd