I am never alone all I have to do is go within - Paula

Dear Bart,

I am compelled to begin with my deep appreciation for the opportunities that you and Dr. Williams have presented to me over the many years that I have known you. Not always understanding the intention or the directions the kind doctor has given me, I have found the Meditation Intensive a tangible way to dive into my choices and spiritual growth. Many of us came together from different places along our paths and I for one experienced a huge sense of group consciousness, a real community where I feel welcome...... a oneness that has helped me step outside of myself to experience a larger sense of our world. No longer do I feel isolated or alone in this magical place we all call home.
 Bart you have placed real tools within my grasp and with grace have allowed me to follow you up the ladder of colour and light....... 
Letting the Kundalini rise....... to awaken...... and what a wondrous place you have taken us all. With explanations of the chakras and levels of consciousness, many of us were saying how from many different teachings we are all coming to the same place of knowing. I especially enjoyed the explanation of the symbolism in the different Chakra Mandalas and look forward to incorporating them in my work and daily life. When things got really complicated you lightened our load with stories and infectious laughter. Using our breath and chanting to take us to even deeper levels often brought me to tears. Who knew you could make something that once seemed so daunting become so much easier. We really are meant to live in joy and being near you there is nothing that is more true. Thank-you.
" Letting the meditation meditate us" as you so often said, I look forward to each time with awe and gratitude. I realize I am never alone all I have to do is go within. I am truly dancing in the light.