Huge shift in my life

I am so very grateful to you for making the retreat available to us.  What a game changer!  I am in a completely different state after the retreat.  I have the wisdom of the universe coming through me. Less frantic crazy way of being.

Before the retreat I was totally in my ego.  Not wanting anyone to say anything bad about me.  I was constantly worried about someone finding something wrong.  

As long as I was in my ego – I wanted praise, promotions, high performance ratings, and I was willing to work as much as I needed to in my evenings and weekends to accomplish this.  It got me success – but I still didn’t feel good enough.  I was exhausted most of the time and didn’t have any play or fun time.  Many people out in the work world have developed sicknesses because they’ve disconnected from their bodies and spirits and pushed themselves and getting sick was the only way out.

In the retreat I learned that my ego/ my personality is not me.  I could put it aside.  I realized that all my accomplishments were the result of the universe working through me and not my personality.  THAT CAUSED A HUGE SHIFT FOR ME.  It had me no longer focused on acknowledgement, competition and promotion at work.  It took the pressure off of me.  FOR THE FIRST TIME, I could see an opening from my crazy lifestyle after many years where I worked my self so hard to get results.  I could see that I could be much more successful by allowing the universe  to work through me, to guide me and give me inspiration.  Everything was sacrificed for achievement – health, time with other people, etc.

Thank you for providing the avenue for me to have such a huge shift in my life.  Your teachings and retreat are amazing!

With Love and gratitude,

P.S. Toronto

PV Retreat 2015