Union in Community Evening/ 10 bucks, One net, Save a life - Karyn-Ann


Thanks to you and your creative team for organizing the outstanding festivities last night. A net, a life. An opportunity to make a profound difference in another's life.
I was respectfully overwhelmed and awed by the caliber of the artists! And they performed with as much respect, and exuberance as they would have if they were performing at a Gala. Such dignity and respect shown for this formidable cause, you as a leader, and of course the audience!
What a magical evening! I hope that many offered more than the 10 dollars. We participated in a royal evening. I was exposed to amazing powerful people that I otherwise would not have had the occasion or privilege to experience and celebrate.
Being a leader has its weight. I haven't (yet) read the book by Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point however, I understand the premise of the book is to engage one person at a time to generate the momentum required for change. I believe you are "doing it".
I applaud your efforts to join with the others (Unicef/Rick Mercer) who require our awareness and support to mindfully address the pervasive poverty, the living conditions and finally to embrace others, regardless of their circumstance, as valued persons.
Bart, I don't require an e-mail in return. I simply wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who made last night possible.
Keep up the good work.

Heart of Chanting