FINALLY I GOT - Rosemary

I got a tremendous amount of info from Friday night's did my fellow alumni. The most key: - I feel I shifted, at some level, from an intellectual 'knowing' of the correation between body - mind - soul, to a more 'felt sense' of knowing. I recognize this 'felt sense' of alignment and recognize when this has happened in my life and how powerful the outcome was. It's difficult to put into words, but when I felt this way, I was able to manifest the outcome I desired, with pure certainty and joy. Your mention of the three energies of God: Knowledge, Will and Action really awakened this 'felt sense' in me. - I have gotten so many insights from the section on balancing the psyche. I spent part of yesterday with a colleague (who also attended) discussing your presentation of the Inner Child. The concepts are different from what we earned and I have had enough experience with clients to bring me to the point of feeling something was amiss between reality and what I had learned. Key for me was: the Inner Child should not be driving the direction of life; IC and Adult must trust each other; the IC has a KEY job - intuiting (this was my aha!), and of course, the whole concept of reframing our initial experience. I do this in hypnotherapy now with clients and the results they report are heart-warming. - And FINALLY I GOT ..... the multi-generational issues vis-a-vis limitations !!!!!!!! It was vague'ish' for me before, but now I really get it. Something clicked when you (or Dr W ?) mentioned how handing our power over to another restricts our possibility to grow beyond the limit of that person's limitations. I see my 'believed' limitations from such a different perspective now. This will change. I was going to ask about the distinction between our Inner Child and our sub-conscious ... but alas - no ime. I'm going to make a survey of this and will see what I learn next in California. I'm working on my own definition.All-in-all, I had a fabulous and insightful time. I've come away from the evening much more curious. Thank you for your efforts which have stimulated my interests...... and yes, It's hard to become conscious of your thoughts throughout the day. So far, I've mastered about 3 minutes ... sometimes! I'm stall far away from understanding Kashmiri S., but I'm closer to understanding it's a state of living. Thanks to Hilary, whose presentation was tops and could be expanded to stand on its own, and to Pascal for the slickest techno-presentation the school has EVER had! Each added a special energy to the evening.I'm leaving soon for San Fran for the Hypnosis Training Institute and can't wait for the experience. I know I will learn so much more from Marlene and Randall.

Thanks and Warm Regards


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