Fighting EGO - Amanda Jones

Dear Bart

It was so lovely to see you today. I felt honoured to be part of thegroup of amazing individuals that you brought together. As well as beable to share the experience with one of my closest and oldest friend's. I was just watching a clip of you on your website and youmentioned that there was a place where people had written letters to you, with gratitude. Although I have been full of gratitude for my session in October, I suppose it had never occurred to me to write you because I was aware that you and Dr. Williams are separate, and wasn'tsure how my gratitude would land. Anyways, I am giving my confusion up, and would like to just thank both you and Dr. Williams for the clarity you gave me during our session.

During my session with Dr Williams I was at a very confusing place inmy life, confused about where to go, and what to do next. If you listen to the MP3, throughout the entire session Dr. Williams continues to encourage me to pursue Naturopathic Medicine, and throughout the entire session I refused to accept it. You can almost hear my ego fighting with him over the idea... full of fear I just couldn't accept that that was perhaps my plan all along. It took my a weekend, and listening to the CD 4 times, letting it sit with me, and tackling all the fears that were getting in my way, trying it on... to finally decide that I really would love ot be a Naturopathic doctor, and I am terrified of it, and of not succeeding.

I am happy to report that despite my fears, concerns, and skepticism of my own greatness, I stepped out and started school 2 weeks ago AGAIN... to get my sciences, to be a Naturopathic Doctor.

I cannot tell you how alive I feel since making this decision, andmoreover, since starting school again. It was like my brain was shut off for 10 years, and I finally see how exciting it is for me to learn, and risk something, and go after a dream I thought was too big for me. I feel alive, happy and EXCITED.

So thank-you for being the person you are and creating the space forme to gain that insight through Dr. Williams. And please, pass on my gratitude to Dr. Williams as well, for sitting with me and accepting my fighting EGO, and being a stand for my higher self.

Thank-you for allowing us all to share your space today.
See you soon.
Amanda Jones

Private Reading - Bart Smit channeling Dr. Williams