Deep resonance - David Slabotsky, R.M.T.

Dear Bart:

Thanks for your newsletter. I will make a point of getting a sleeping bag or two for your campaign. What a thoughtful idea.
At the start of your letter, you thanked everyone for the privilege of meeting and reading for them, acknowledged everyone who had recommended clients to you, and thanked people for supporting your work.
I have been meaning to write a letter like that to you and Dr. Williams and never knew quite how to phrase it. You have said it perfectly, and I hope I can take the liberty of gifting your own words back to you.
I want to thank you and Dr. Williams. It continues to be a privilege and an honour to be in contact with the deep and compassionate energy you, together, represent. What a profound ministry you have and what a fortunate congregation of souls you speak to. I see and hear them when they come to my clinic, having been recommended by you, with praising words that often make me blush, and I am so moved by how profoundly their lives have been transformed by their meeting with you.
The readings they have received, even though they often say they can’t remember everything and have to refresh their memories with the tape, have given them a new context for experiencing and understanding their lives, a context in which they have emerged as conscious, active, responsible players in their personal dramas. Whatever challenges and fears they may be experiencing, whatever painful soul-searching they may be engaged in, whatever difficult and often life-wrenching choices they may be required to make, they now have access to information and strength that allows them to grapple with their demons.
One of the many things they achieve through your readings is permission to live their lives with meaning and authenticity, to perceive their struggle as a righteous struggle. What an enormous gift for them to receive. When they come into my office and sit down in the chair beside my desk and begin to talk about their reading, they truly glow. Whether or not they would say it in so many words, they are like people who have been blessed. I regret that it’s taken me so long to give you this feedback.
You and Dr. Williams have been great supporters of my work and it is a privilege to help the people you recommend. I feel a deep resonance with them and I hope that I am able to help them continue their journey in meaningful and fulfilling ways.
Thanks again for your letter, and especially for giving me the inspiration to thank you and Dr. Williams
All the best,
David Slabotsky, R.M.T.

Private Reading - Bart Smit channeling Dr. Williams