Clarify any difficult situation… - CG

Dearest Bart,

Mere words are truly inadequate to express my overwhelming appreciation to you for your wisdom and spiritual guidance throughout the past seven (7) years. Life can be challenging at times and provide some extremely anxious moments. Moments for which one doesn’t know the higher answer or completely understand the appropriate steps one should take to overcome a difficult situation. I However, after only sixty (60) minutes in your presence, you are blessed with the extraordinary ability to clarify any difficult situation…and provide spiritual guidance of which appropriate path one should take. Whether it was a career-related decision, a health challenge, a romantic relationship or a financial situation, you have always provided incredibly precise and insightful answers. Throughout the past seven (7) years, your spiritual assessment of any situation has been incredibly accurate. In fact, there have been countless times that you have provided accurate details of a situation – months and even years before it actually occurred. After each spiritual consultation with you, I have been blessed with absolute peace of mind and the knowledge that I require to make the right decision.
I am…and will be eternally grateful to you.

Private Reading - Bart Smit channeling Dr. Williams