Take control - Me the the the girl

Hi Bart,

I just wanted to thank you and Dr. Williams. I can't tell you how much our sessions have helped me. Although I knew, and still know, that I need to let go of old beliefs, habits, and limitations it was incredible difficult to get past the overwhelming emotions that I experience, that were triggered daily. I couldn't stand back "out of it" to "get out of it". It was crippling. And extremely frustrating, I felt helpless. I guess you'd call that not having any spiritual boundaries. Dr. William's last talk on Intuition, and that little girl inside- hit me like a bullet between the eyes. You've shown me "ways, or techniques" to shut down the inner dialogue- that have given me more peace than I've had in years. You've summed up, without laying blame, the root cause of the turmoil of my emotions that used to run my life. I now for the first time feel that I can actually start to take control of the negative, self-destructive, debilitating emotions that get triggered in day to day events which stemmed from childhood issues that I didn't even know existed. I feel like I'm getting out of jail. I've been so trapped and controlled by something that was bigger than me for so long. 
So thank- you for the wisdom you've imparted. The compassion that you've shown. And the spiritual enlightment.
Me the the the girl
thank you.

Private Reading - Bart Smit channeling Dr. Williams