Forever grateful our paths have crossed - Susan

Dear Bart,

Words are simply not sufficient to describe these retreats.  One of the things I do love is that you are not filling our heads with the dogma of any religion or organization.  You have researched real truth, current leading edge scientific studys.   You give us history lessons, why something has been done in a given tradition, but it’s not about that we have to hold that tradition it’s how can we use it now to serve us or perhaps let it go.  It’s about learning who we really are and why we are here.  4 years ago when I started this journey with you, well it’s unimaginable where I’ve been and what I’ve learnt and the variety of amazing individuals I’ve connected with and consider family now.   There is no way I could have ever thought this would be in my life and now there is no way this could ever not be in my life.   Your teachings are so full and every year, I think we’ve gotten all the knowledge we ever could on the topic and every year you impress the hell right out of us with more! (no pun intended)
Bart, if you are doing a retreat, hands down, I will be there.  Forever grateful our paths have crossed.