Fee: Bart’s fee is $220.00 Canadian plus HST, for a total of $248.60 within Canada only, or $220. U.S. funds, for an appointment by phone from any other country. Payment may be made by cash, VISA, or money order.

Cancellation policy: Clients are expected to notify the office at least twenty-four hours in advance if they cannot make an appointment. It is disrespectful and irresponsible to not cancel and not show. Our policy for no shows is to charge the full fee of $248.60. All clients receive a reminder email 48hours before the session.


Booking an appointment: Appointments may be booked by calling the business office, Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., at 416.690.2345, or fill the Contact Us form. The Google Map is on the Contact Us web page. Gift certificates are available.

Just a reminder we have no waiting room if you bring a friend or family. 

Appointment in person: Please arrive 1/2 hour to 15 minutes before the appointment time, in order to be seated 15 minutes before the appointment time.  Settle in, and get focused before your session. 
Dr. Williams lives in a world of Consciousness so when people are late, are rushed or scattered it is disruptive for him. Your time with Bart will start on the hour. By not starting on time, you are keeping Dr. Williams waiting. This is deeply disrespectful and not acceptable. Bart can only go into trance a limited number of times in a day and his time is limited and valuable. His work requires consistency, discipline, and focus and he requires adequate rest between sessions, so appointments are held to their allotted times. We are not on your schedule. We are on Dr. Williams' schedule. WE DO NOT KEEP SPIRITS WAITING. You must be seating in the office at least 15 minutes before your session.

Appointment in person - USB key: Your session is burned on a USB key in an mp3 format for you, shortly after your session. 

Appointment by phone: Telephone sessions are booked on the same schedule as appointments in person. When you set up your appointment, you will be asked to send a recent photo and your payment for the session. You must call on time or the appointment will be cancelled. You will be given a dedicated phone number used only for sessions with Dr. Williams. Please remember to check your time zone. Four minutes past the hour, without receiving a call, Dr. Williams will bring Bart out of trance.  This leaves him feeling exhausted and claustrophobic, and he immediately leaves his home to take a walk.  If you call late (4 minutes after the hour is late), there will be no one to take your call and you will have to rebook your appointment.
Keeping Dr. Williams waiting would be considered deeply disrespectful and not acceptable.  Any client who calls later than 4 minutes after the hour will lose their session and fee. Keeping Dr. Williams waiting is incredibly draining on Bart’s body and effects his health.  Without interaction, Dr. Williams will leave, and that session time is lost.
To maintain the quality of his work, his health, and to respect the spirit of Dr. Williams call on time. Bart is limited in the number of times he can go into trance in a day, and also by the need for a rest period between sessions.
Appointment by phone - mp3 file: Your session is recorded in an mp3 format and will be available as soon as possible, within 24 hrs, on this web site for download. Please register on the web site  before your session. In the NAME field please put your first and last name. Your mp3 session file will be available only for three days, after that it will be deleted. To protect privacy, we can not keep it as archived.
Bart Smit is now more accessible worldwide with Vonage. Don't call us for your session, we will call you with no long distance cost for you.  Bart's Vonage phone number is available when you book a phone session.
Client responsibility: Please understand that due to the nature of Deep Trance Channeling with Dr. Williams, Bart’s schedule is rigid. To maintain the quality of his work, his health, and to respect the spirit of Dr. Williams, Bart is limited in the number of times he can go into trance in a day, and also by the need for a rest period between sessions. Clients must keep to their appointment times by arriving fifteen minutes early, and long-distance clients must call at the appointed hour. If you are late, Bart / Dr. Williams won't be there for you.

Clients who do not show up for a session or who have not given sufficient notice of cancellation (twenty-four hours), will be charged for the session. A client with an outstanding fee for a missed session will not be rebooked until it is paid.

We cannot be held responsible for the outcome of a session or the response to it. A session is influenced by your preparation, your questions, your receptivity and your energy. Your are booking and paying for Bart Smit’s time, which is not retrievable and your fee is NOT REFUNDABLE, NOT NEGOTIABLE. Dr. Williams is a spiritual teacher who works from the perspective of spiritual philosophy. He cannot replace your need for a medical doctor, lawyer, psychologist or other professional. Clients assume responsibility for actions they take based on the information they receive. The CD, USB key or the mp3 recording of your session is a gift. A defective CD, USB key or mp3 recording is not the responsibility of Mr. Smit and does not entitle you to a replacement reading or refund.

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Any inquiries or to book an appointment please contact us