Bart Smit

Bart Smit

People have been talking about the rising of Atlantis, about the ending of the calendar, well, it’s not coming, it is here. It’s not coming tomorrow, it’s happening today. Is the ending of the Mayan calendar the ending? It is the ending of a reptilian culture. It is the ending in the way that we have conducted ourselves. There is a dramatic shift within humanity that is going to take place within the next several years. We are returning to our original design where one did not just communicate with the mind, one communicated with the soul.It was the soul that spoke, not the mind. We knew the dance of the soul, we knew its language. You are now learning to listen to the language of the soul.

Apr 30 2012

Hello my dearest Bart,

I have attended my sixth retreat with you this year and this is the first feedback email I am writing to you.  I suppose I have now overcome my inferior mindset since I am writing to you now (finally).

I had a sense that this retreat would be very different in the months leading up to it and my suspicion was confirmed.  This being the seventh one, I believe, was very auspicious in itself.  For me, it was a truly healing experience that was an aggregate of all the work I have done, all the education I have had, all the dark places I have shed light on. 

During this year Bart Smit meditation retreat in Puerto Vallarta, two participants were asked to keep a daily journal and write one sentence a day. One participant was attending for the first time and the other one has been involved with the retreat since the beginning, 7 years ago (bold letter). Thank you for your personal and thoughtful contribution!

A scholar, a bandit and an angel
Congratulation on an outstanding gathering of caring individuals ! You truly are a mixture of a scholar, a bandit and an angel. When the angel appears it  is a great pleasure and awesome to witness the beauty of your voice in the intenseness of your passion. It truly is heavenly!…
…If you would have witnessed todays session with Dr. Williams personally you would have been touched by the never ending flow of wisdom and love. I have never ever listened to anything so enlightening and pure before…

The mind doesn’t really like change because it’s based on the past. When a person begins to dive into the inner realms, they begin to realize that they are more than their mind. In order to evolve, there must be knowledge and Consciousness. The closer one gets to their inner Self, the more one realizes it is not the outer world influences that matter. It is not our normal knowledge that will move us forward in Consciousness because that knowledge comes from the mind.