Bart Smit

Bart Smit

Dr. Williams and Bart are two separate entities, so they can’t both participate simultaneously in the same event or converse with us at the same time. And in order for Dr. Williams to come through, Bart needs to leave his body so Dr. Williams can speak to us. Dr. Williams is pure Consciousness and pure Love and he no longer needs to inhabit a body. He has “risen above body consciousness and duality and roams free like a child throughout the universe”. But how did he get to the place where he no longer needed to reincarnate? The following blog and upcoming two are excerpts from transcripts of Dr. Williams' teachings over the past two years. They are taken from the Bart Smit Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreats and from lectures at Akasha's Den. In the past, Dr. Williams has rarely spoken publicly about his previous lives and his mission. This is the first time that we have a compilation of his unique journey.

  1. To find out your life purpose and how to fulfill it.
  2. Find out your guides and teachers role in your life and how they assist you.
  3. 2012 has a huge impact on our world and our lives – more so than in 140,000 years. Find out how it impacts you directly.
  4. Learn how you can integrate all the coming changes into your life.
  5. Find out why Dr. Williams says "if you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate".
  6. Learn how to see yourself as the divine being you really are.
  7. Learn what karma applies to this lifetime and how to best work it out.
  8. Find out how to work with the dynamics between you and your parents.
  9. Find out how to stop reincarnating.
  10. Learn how to interact karmically with your children.
  11. Are you having money problems? Find out why and how to deal with them.
  12. Are you thinking about moving or changing jobs? Find out why and what's in your best interest.
  13. Learn about health issues you or your family are having – why and how to work with them.
  14. Find out how you can grow your life.
  15. Learn about Dr. Williams latest teaching – I am enough! – and how it applies to you.
  16. Find out what karma you need to work out with your spouse and the best way to accomplish it.
  17. Learn your strengths and how best to build on them.
  18. Find out about your relationships with family and friends.
  19. Find out how to remain detached and flowing as the world changes this year.
  20. Learn how to live in peace, joy, and happiness no matter what's going on around you.


Bart Smit is a deep trance channeler offering private session in person or by phone 416.690.2345, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The experience of mystics down the ages has been that happiness is inherent in our souls; it is not something to be gained a new. All that is necessary to do is to uncover it.

If we can silence the chatter of the mind, we will experience this inherent happiness. It is dependent only on one thing, the silencing of thoughts. This means that in order to experience happiness intentionally we have to make our mind silent, calm and relaxed.

  1. What is my life purpose and how can I best fulfill this through my work/career/professional life?
  2. Given my soul’s purpose, what would the perfect career/job look like for me?
  3. What qualities do I need to bring forward in my workplace to be successful?
Jun 01 2012

There is a dramatic shift within humanity that is going to take place within the next several years. Partially because there is a huge quantum leap in awareness and consciousness, an awakening that is happening more than ever before. The soul is trying to prepare so that you can move forward.