Silence - Light - Love

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So when I tell you you are pure light, think about it before you speak, and tell me what that actually means. Anybody. Consciousness. So, Consciousness is light? Yes. Hummm. So how does the brain perceive Consciousness? Through light, or is this a new thing? Like the projection on a movie screen. Aren’t you clever.

The brain has never been exposed to light; it doesn’t know what light is. You see with the visual cortex. Are we seeing light with our brain or our third eye? We’re seeing with our third eye. The reality is, are you beginning to tap into different layers and fields of energy? Yes. But you’re also beginning to see the light.

Bucket of love

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There is a great, wonderful, Sufi poem and it basically says there are a thousand reflections of yourself that you create and are identified with every day. There are a thousand reflections that you have identified with and become attached to. You’re actually stuck in a rut. There is a part of you that is really aware of your projections and what you’re really looking for and so now we’re moving beyond the 1000 projections of who and what we think we are, to who we believe we should be. The 1000 projections includes food, emotions, perceptions, ideologies, demands, expectations, you name it. We have a pot of 1000 demands of highs, lows, and disappointments that we create every hour.

When you go on your journey, you need to leave all these reflections behind. Do you want to become self-realized or a slave to all of your reflections? Hummmmmm, let me think about it. Cappuccino, double espresso…nope! Self-realization. Do you choose to be the reflections…think about this very clearly…it’s not just a general question. Do you want to be the images and reflections, or do you want to become self-realized?

Silence is the entire journey for the next year. It doesn’t mean you can’t communicate or laugh. Silence and its layers are how you really, truly, make the connection with your inner self.

There are two things that are happening: the world is going pretty crazy. I mean, look at what’s happening. You’ve got a billionaire who wants to run for the president of the United States. Apparently he needs a desperate haircut. Imagine if this is the best that the United States of America could do! Seriously! If he is the truest representation, if this is what comes to the surface, RUN! You are in deep, deep, deep, deep shit! The other thing that’s happening is that there’s a silence. When you sit in silence, you’re moving in and out.