Oct 25 2017

Your Liberation - Step into your internal current

In great conflict, particularly when the world is about to economically rattle their cages in a very dramatic way, there are opportunities for great growth. I keep repeating over and over: how you live your moment right now reflects upon how you’re going to die. The more peace and solitude you can find, the greater and more profound your death will be.

It’s always quite shocking when people come and say: you know, this is my last incarnation and I look around the corner and…not sure about that. There’s a lot of baggage you’re dragging around. You might not hear those wheels squeak with all the luggage you’re carrying, but at this point, you’re squeaking. There might be a lot of luggage you might need to take care of.

It’s interesting because when we speak about our being it gives us the opportunity to really say: if I’m a great worrier or if I’ve been betrayed or if I’ve got real difficulty in relationships or I’m doing most of the work, that really, energetically, this is not a new pattern. If you assume that most things in your life it’s the first time and it’s about your partners or your business, or the economy…no, not really. This is you. You’re complicated. You’ve been repeating a lot of stuff, except this is the opportunity… This is about your communicating. What is beautiful about people who awaken: you no longer are interested in projection. You don’t need to vomit onto somebody else because you realize that it’s your own karma. It has nothing to do with anybody else, only you.

We are at a most delightful and delicious time because this is where you can say: how much of my space or energy am I processing from other people? How much do you process that doesn’t belong to you every day? If you can knock that off and bring it down to a reasonable amount, people will be angry, upset. That’s ok. You don’t need to take on their projection.

The first step is: you learn that you’re really having a relationship with God; you’re not with the tribe. Your relationship with God means every moment, all the time. I’m not here to project on to other people or the world.

The world is crazy. There are people wanting people to become more fearful. So, we are at war because we need more slaves. We need to go back to a time where there was slavery. We’ve been working on the ending of slavery. But if you think about - have you been a slave in one lifetime or another? I guarantee you that you have. This is not difficult to come up with because the reality is: you cannot arrive where you are today within your own evolution if you’ve not suffered. If you’ve not suffered, you’ve gained nothing. The only time the ego subsides itself is through suffering.

There are several things that people don’t get over and over and over: understand the virtues of the heart. Compassion, empathy – these are states of being. Compassion should be your middle name. Empathy should be a state of Being.

The kundalini is an energy that lies at the bottom of the base chakra. When you are a mad lover of God, she awakens and moves. When she sees that you understand about empathy and compassion, that you’re transparent and vulnerable, that you carry these God-like qualities, and look at fear as an opportunity to grow but not to be scared; when you look at vulnerability as: WOW! strength is on its way! Boy! I cannot wait for strength to find me. Then the kundalini uncoils herself and makes her way up.

There is a current of energy that moves through you. And that current of energy is love. The more you can become love, every moment, all the time, it doesn’t mean you don’t become scared or feel inadequate, it just means love is the foundation. Love is sustainable, unchangeable, unshakeable, love has no fear; love has compassion for people who are scared, but love does not join fear. Love is the natural state of your soul.

When the kundalini sees that you can be in duality: I can be totally happy and love endlessly and I can be disappointed temporarily, because it’s a moment. It’s almost like mist that all the clouds will lift and the mist will disappear. Look at emotions as temporary expressions.

There was a boy who was at war, and he knew he was going to die. It was not his war. The boy died because he got shot by the enemy. But he did nothing but feel love – true love, deep, sincere love. When he died, he said: you know what? I cannot be angry at anybody. I just need to forgive, to love. That was his last incarnation because he walked through the deepest fear, shadow, and pain. When he died, even though he was a very uneducated, very poor, poor individual, because he died with such grace and love within his heart, he wiped out all those lifetimes.

In many different lifetimes you’ve had, you’ve been waiting to truly free yourself. Whatever is going on in your life, it’s not about your spouses or anybody, this is your liberation, your opportunity. But what is really required is that you stay really steadfast within yourself, because if you don’t step into this internal mantra, internal current within you, you’re missing the boat.


This blog is an excerpt from the Akasha's Den lecture June 3, 2017

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