Sep 27 2017

A boundary is the language, the mantra, of God.

When we have the ability to go through the anger and disappointment and change the language and the landscape in how we communicate, and communicate effectively and differently, we have the courage to set boundaries. The kundalini loves boundaries. Imagine that. A boundary says: I speak of love. I AM compassionate, empathetic, I set boundaries, I can say no and I can say love at the same time because I need to create God in this space. When you have the courage to set these kinds of boundaries, not only does the kundalini rise and awaken, but simultaneously the part of the ego that really says; I am you, begins to really back off and reveal the remaining aspect of who you are.

The kundalini says: are you God? Do you have the courage to love? That doesn’t mean being thrown up on or beaten up. That just means: can you tell the truth with great conviction and love and do you not need to excuse the truth of your heart. WHOOOO!!!!!! AMEN!!!! THIS is what the kundalini is looking for: genuine, sincere, Conscious conversation, authentic, heart-felt communication, no judgment, generosity of the heart.

I think there is nothing more powerful for you to say than: George, you’re beautiful but you’re an ass right now. I’m going to go swimming. See you later, George. Let’s have dinner. Love you. It’s powerful. That is the part of the ego – the last remaining part – that reminds you that you are God.

Real, real communication is not projection. Real communication is: I love you, but just please be present. I need you to be present with me. Can you have lunch with me and be present? I don’t want to hear your story, your nonsense. I just want you. Imagine saying that to another human being. You are wonderful. I love you. I just want you to be present. Can you be present with me? That’s all you want. That’s all everybody wants. Being present in this moment, it’s the language of God. You need to get really strong and clear. Because the crazier it gets out there and the more peace you find in here, the sooner you will never reincarnate.

The heart has not even revealed to you what your natural state is. As you really begin to bring all this energy back inside and settle into your heart, you’re going to know what love is all about. Love is about boundaries. Everybody hates boundaries. I just never get this. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries is about liberation. It’s interesting, you can throw up on somebody, but you can’t set a boundary. You can talk about all these things that are wrong, but you can’t set a boundary. Isn’t that interesting. Simple thing. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Boundaries liberate you, set you free. Boundaries: I love you, I adore you, this is an organic, loving, nurturing relationship I want to have. The part of you that is BLAH! – not interested. Can we do that? Boundary. Stop being rejected. Stop being wounded. It’s really about REMOVING the things that rattle you.

When you need to set a boundary, set a boundary. Speak the language of the heart. Because if you speak the language of the heart that has no hidden agenda, you will be challenged, but the gods, your heart, and the kundalini are listening to you. Respecting God means respecting yourself. Being transparent is speaking the language of God. Boundaries are my level of communication with God. A boundary is the music of the love in which I have for God. A boundary is the language, the mantra, of God. If I let you be in my field, my space, every moment, in my emotions, energy feeling, my thoughts, I have no relationship with God. None whatsoever. How will I be with God if I have no boundary?

Sometimes the world needs to have bad things happen for greatness to come out. Imagine that there is an atom and it’s split into two, and this part is chaos, havoc, beauty, love, and magnificence – the complete polar opposites. Karmically, that’s what’s happening right now. This year is the time of these two EXTREME polar opposites.

I would create a prayer the moment you wake up because this part of this atom is watching to see if you are a great creator. So when you wake up in the morning, just say: I am love. I AM the entire universe. I live in love, speak in love, walk in love, and create in love. Everything around me comes to me from the highest, highest good. In this journey it is for me to be wealthy – emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and financially. Let TRUE wellness, TRUE balance run through the vein of every core of my being. Let me not suffer within the currencies of love, health, happiness, wellness, financially. Let me RISE up and truly liberate myself and no longer suffer.

Find whatever you choose you want to say when you wake up in the morning, but this is the time because of the polar opposites that are happening right now. Yes, there is greatness and yes, there is darkness and confusion and yes, there is all this chaos, but simultaneously there is this whole quantum field.

In great stress, chant, LOVE yourself, LOVE God because the more you find that natural state of you, the more this other part of the atom fills in with the part of you that is God. So, the way this works – karmically, the atom splits; Mr. president and the world and economy is going to bring up every aspect of you that is inadequate. And then there’s the part of you that goes: I’m going to make more money; I’m going to create a better job; I’m going to create greater opportunity; I love myself; I am pure love; I AM the NECTAR of GOD. Then this part grows on its own and the shadow side of you falls away. We have entered into the liberation of your shadow.

Every aspect of your fear, inadequacy, disappointment: I’ve got no parking, I’ve got a ticket, whatever, this is your time to free yourself. And the more you can free yourself from the shadows of yourself and see the greater good of your evolution, the shadow parts of you, whatever your story is, is gone. THIS is the opportunity to free yourself from the shadow of all of your past selves. And if you release this part of yourself, then you will complete yourself with the part of you that is God. And the atom of the self has now become whole.

What you choose is up to you, but if you are sitting in the misery and company of others or the circumstances in your life and reacting, your shadow side has not been released. Simple. Stop negotiating with people. Set boundaries. Stop taking on everyone else’s pain, shame, guilt, and bullying. If you can stop the bullying and shame and speak the language of the heart and release your own shadow, you will free yourself.



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