A coming home, to myself! - Susanne

Dear Bart,

This year's retreat started as I stepped onto the tarmac at the airport. As I felt the sun, warmth and the gentle energy of Puerto Vallarta, my body and spirit gave a huge sigh of relief and contentment, knowing I was home. This is what these annual (re)treats have become - a coming home, to myself! This has become a necessary event on my spiritual path and is the highlight of my year.

You have evolved so much in your teaching content and style.  The enormous amount of research that you and Carol do, along with sharing your own personal experiences, is evident in the depth and understanding of knowledge you share with us.  Your relaxed and often humorous delivery makes it easy for us to learn and understand all the concepts presented. I appreciated the time you took to answer questions about meditation without hurrying the schedule. It was so important to know that other people were having similar experiences, yet that all meditations are different and cannot be judged.  Nothing ever felt rushed or hurried, it was all perfect! 

I was fascinated by the information on the emotions and chemical reactions in the body, the role of the reptilian and limbic brains, and the ego's role in the pain-body and getting out of your story, and will be contemplating and processing this for some time to come. The changes for me this year have been very subtle, a continuation of the detachment and centeredness experienced last year along with feeling more of the responder and not the reactor, the observer and not the absorber. 

You are an extraordinary human being and teacher and I am truly grateful to have been given the tools to become liberated.  Thank you for choosing to teach, and to carry us along with you on your journey, so that we will all evolve and grow that much faster.  And, a special thank you to Dr. Williams for his love, grace and presence during the week!

With gratitude and love always,