Life cannot be any sweeter than a meditation retreat

Dearest Bart,

Life cannot be any sweeter than a meditation retreat with you and your entourage of great beings that pour their blessings for open hearts to receive.  This years retreat was sublime ecstasy as we dove into the heart of silence unlike any mind could imagine.  May the wisdom and knowledge shared  with such humility and kindness be experienced by all who attended.  And what a wonderful collection of souls you attracted.  Loved the participants, the lovely villa and all who made this retreat possible.  A very special location and time. Enjoyed your sharing/teaching of heartfelt experiences that helped us all to better understand what is so challenging to put into words.  When you chant it feels like heaven’s doors open and love flows! I guess I will take away the one thing that you reminded us all of…..we are each responsible for our own journey and no one else can do it for us. 

Living in the now means we don’t know about next year but I am intending another beautiful retreat that celebrates the Truth of life.   In any case,  may you continue to soar into greatness !  from my heart to yours…an endless thank you.

Much love

Carol Moore