Dear Bart,

Thank you  for creating another amazing, inspirational & joyful retreat. The new location was aptly named and so much more beautiful and intimate than the previous. It was a great blessing to be in that energy space,  at that moment in time and to receive the teachings. Such wondrous teachings & so many! - "the heart is a carwash for emotions" - LOVE it - it seems spirit is not pompous :-).  Another one that spoke to me was on the subject of holograms - "allow the universe to give you a different reality". When I heard my new mantra for 2015 "let your heart not your mind create your path" it was if you ( or Dr Williiams ) shouted it!  I learned so much -  now to remember and have the focus to put it all into practice - my job!

Without question this was the best retreat ever and I am filled with love and gratitude.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Miranda