We are blessed - Carol Moore

Honor of Dr. Williams and Bart.

Life is a process and sometimes we are blessed to find a being whose great love and grace can guide us more rapidly in our growth. Dr. Roy Williams is such a great being! He has helped me to claim back my self and find my Self. He has challenged me to grow beyond what my limited mind could understand. Through his words I have felt the compassion of the universe and the Grace of God. 
During my sessions we have discussed everything from care of my pets, finances, gardening, relationships in my life, and career changes. My negative self talk, self-sabotaging ways, and narrow-mindedness and lack of direction in life have all changed. He brought me encouragement and an inner strength I have never known that I had. I no longer see myself as a victim in life. I have been able to amend family of origin issues and have developed a wonderful relationship with my son and husband. I now have completed a second masters degree, moved to another state and started a whole new career. I see myself as an adult now with my own thoughts, choices and responsibilities. 
The inspiration and guiding force was Dr. Williams. Little by little my life has taken a whole new breath that is full of energy and joy. Knowing Dr. Williams is a love story that continually deepens through the suffering and blessings of all the experiences life has to offer. We have laughed and cried together, this great being and me. May everyone have this great experience and God bless Bart.
Carol Moore

Private Reading - Bart Smit channeling Dr. Williams