Just how perfect is that? - Linda

Dear Bart,

Thank you , thank you, thank you for hosting yet another amazing Intensive Retreat in Puerto Vallarta again this year.  It is a challenge to put my experiences of the Retreat into words – as I don’t think there truly are words to be found to describe our experience. 

The Teachings that you and Carol presented about the heart, emotions and feelings certainly gave us great pause for thought and self reflection.
The guided Meditations integrated the teaching emphasis and gently took us to new places.
The Chanting – how privileged I felt to be in this special place,  experiencing the power and the beauty of these chants, combined with the exquisite musical presentations and song.
The Comradery – to be among so many unique,  talented, and empathetic individuals sharing this part of our journey made the Retreat just that much more special.

Bart, your wonderful sense of humour, your caring, your attention to detail, and your  vision were integral to making this Intensive the powerful, enjoyable experience it was.  Our days were filled with passion, self realizations, friendships  and fun!   Just how perfect is that?

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful journey of discovery, and increased awareness.
With Gratitude,