Amazing Retreats - Robert

The 2010 Meditation Retreat was another in a series of amazing retreats; each one it seems improves on and surpasses the previous year’s retreat.  The Participants themselves were so present and focused, more than ever before.  I had the pleasure of making new friends and meeting up with old ones.  I have never experienced anything else in my life that brings so many people together and it feels like one big family.  The music has definitely hit the professional concert level, and was a delight before each afternoon’s session.  The teachings were amazing.  How functional my relationships would have been if I had known this information 30 years ago.  Thank you so much Bart and Carol, for the well prepared and presented information and the many videos that brought clarity to the information.  Particularly of interest for me was the information on the excess of the heart chakra, and deficiency of the heart chakra, and the heart-brain communication, and feelings vs. emotions.  The social interaction brought comedy relief, thank you Jim, and the closing ceremony party on the beach brought out the inner child in all of us as we danced to the great band and felt our spirits sore.  The time flew by and was over all too soon.  I can’t wait to see what next year’s retreat will bring.