Moooove this energy right through… bring in this light and illuminosity!

The body can go from great illuminosity, where you feel a lot of movement and you can feel that there is energy and illuminosity moving through your body. This is something you can experience, obviously, more in meditation and chanting… Continue reading

If I die today, would I be complete? Could it be that your incarnation is to move beyond everything?

The last time Bart and Dr. Williams spoke at Akasha’s Den they shared some of their wisdom about living, dying, evolving, transcending… not necessarily in this order… maybe…

It is interesting when you are at a particular… Continue reading

It is time to break this 2000 years old cycle and see and understand your own pulsation, magnificence, and light.

At the last Bart Smit’s channeler lecture, Pathway to Consciousness event, Dr. Williams talked about situations and feelings many of us have spent our lifetimes in and what we need to do to liberate ourselves from them to… Continue reading