Spiritual Intelligence – Channeler Lecture Serie – Pathway to Consciousness

Spiritual Intelligence – selections from Dr. Williams’ talk at the Channeler Lecture Serie –  Pathway to Consciousness on January 29th. The next Channeler Lecture on February 26th will continue this theme.

The mind doesn’t really like change because it’s based on the past. When a person begins to dive into the inner realms, they begin to realize that they are more than their mind. In order to evolve, there must be knowledge and Consciousness. The closer one gets to their inner Self, the more one realizes it is not the outer world influences that matter. It is not our normal knowledge that will move us forward in Consciousness because that knowledge comes from the mind.

Spiritual intelligence is essentially transmitted through a different part of the reptilian brain. These are different neuropathways that we seldom accessed in the past. This part of the reptilian brain leads us to greater awareness and consciousness. Its primary goal is liberation and wholeness, with awareness of our true connection to all of life.

This is actually beyond the brain, and is sometimes referred to as the observer. It is the activator of Consciousness.  The mind and the ego cannot reach this place until they are purified. The observer helps us find our truth.

Spiritual intelligence is where one experiences the inner Self watching the mind/ego during meditation. In the past, one would only experience this in brief moments. This leads us to 2012, where not only do we experience the inner Self or observer, watching the mind/ego during meditation, we now experience the space or void between the Self watching the inner self watching the mind and ego.

As we gain more spiritual intelligence, we are able to become more aware of our larger reality. We are actually able to not only listen to what a person may be telling us, but at the same time, we become aware of what they are psychologically projecting on to us. Projection is a largely unconscious and automatic process where some content that does not belong to the other person is projected onto them.  With increased spiritual intelligence, we become much more in touch with all that is happening to us. So we hear them talking, and we also sense their projection. We can develop the stability and awareness of this state. Spiritual intelligence isn’t a mental discipline. It’s the process and experience to liberate yourself and be on a path of self-realization.

The ego is the ruler of your conscious life and who you most often identify with. It is your personality and individuality. When you are identified with your ego, you may believe that you are so evolved and have moved beyond your ego, and surprise! You have not.

You may not be in the same farmer’s barn, but you are still in a barn; just a different place, different cows, in different stalls. You are still stuck in the same reality, just different people and different circumstances. It does not necessarily mean you have not grown. It means do not underestimate the ability of the ego to reinvent itself. In fact, it is constantly doing this. The mind cannot be trusted because it is based on the past.

How many times can you say within the last month that you had a great day, a great moment; a moment where you experienced that you were in the ocean of Consciousness for more than a blink of the eye, a couple of breaths, or at best five minutes? The moments we experience the entire universe within us and weave a tapestry of these moments together creating a quilt of Consciousness – this is spiritual intelligence! It is a felt-sense experience, not a mental experience.

Humanity is coming to the end of a karmic cycle of 140,000 years of reptilian influence that has kept us in this karma. New realms of Consciousness and awareness are opening up within you. This pulsation is going to get stronger and stronger.

The earth’s tectonic plates and your spiritual heart are absolutely connected to each other. The gravitational field of the earth and the spiritual heart are transcending collectively. You’re going to start disconnecting from many beliefs and mental/behavioral patterns that you were attached to for most of your life.

Find people with great hearts, so that as the world changes, you change with them. My theory was always to find a person who is the smartest, a person with an infectious laugh, or a person with a great heart and get on their plane, their journey, their path. They’ll educate you and enlighten you. You must make your own way, but why not hook up with another great heart?!!


The next Channeler lecture is Sunday February 26th and Bart Smit / Dr. Williams will continue the theme of spiritual Intelligence.  For more information about the Channeler Lecture Serie, see Bart's web site. Also You can purchase and download the integral version of this lecture presented MP3 format only. The entire collection is available online.

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