Bart Smit – Meditation

Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat – Registration Deadline Today… Ok a few more days.

Retreat Reservations

The Bart Smit Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat 2013 is Friday February 22nd to Friday March 1st.

You can download the Retreat brochure from his web site. In the brochure you will get detailed information about the retreat, the… Continue reading

2013 – New Year’s Message and Meditation Retreat – Feel, Meditate

The 2013 New Year’s message from Dr. Williams, if it could be summed up in one sentence, would be something like: Feel, feel the light, feel the light in your body; watch, talk less, feel and connect with the light… Continue reading

Ley Lines in Puerto Vallarta, Wonderful for Meditation, Yoga and Restoring the Soul

Ley lines are invisible lines of energy that connect the earth’s sacred places with each other. They are lines of naturally occurring fields of magnetic force, or mystical veins of power, that run across land or water and lead from… Continue reading