Bart Smit Summer Party Toronto – Participants Comments

Bart and Laurie hosted the potluck party for the Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat participants, July 2012 in Toronto.  We were happy to see it so well attended with people from this year’s Retreat as well as people from previous years.

The reasons people attended were in a similar theme, but we thought you’d like to hear what some of them had to say:

  1. To see my “peeps”. I don’t have the opportunity to see Bart Smit all the time and this way I can reconnect with my spiritual group and enjoy good food (fresh samosas from little India) and conversation, chant together again, and feel the vibes.
  2. To connect with the collective energy. It’s uplifting and provides an opportunity to be around Bart Smit who’s an incredible human being I can learn from every second I’m around him.
  3. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with my soul friends and get realigned.
  4. I feel comfortable with these people and I value and cherish them.
  5. To reconnect to the energy of everyone.
  6. To reunite with all the people whose love is most profoundly felt in this group. To be in the beautiful, compassionate energy I’ve missed. It so easily comes together when we do.
  7. Where I am enough.
  8. To re-experience the grace and energy of my soul group.
  9. The high point for me was the after dinner chanting. It took me back to the Retreat and the beautiful, powerful energy we experienced there.
  10. To reconnect and recapture the energy and put my feet into the pool!
  11. Are you kidding? It’s so great to see everybody!
  12. To be in the 5th dimension in the heart!

Enjoy summer! Enjoy life!

Bart Smit welcomes you to the next Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat, February 22 to March 1, 2013

Bart Smit is a deep trance channeler offering private session in person or by phone 416.690.2345,


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  • Miranda Reeves says:

    For those who were at the Pool Party Reunion I would like to clarify what I was saying when I said "One of the things I love most about Bart is that he truly, truly wants the best for everybody". To be more specific –   Bart wants for each and every one of us to realize our highest and fullest potential. Thank you Bart for your generosity of spirit, brilliant teaching & unceasing heartfelt support. I am so blessed to have you & other beings of our soul group in my life. I would not want to do this life with out you. Thank you Bart  and Laurie for hosting another soul satisfying reunion. Can hardly wait for the next retreat !!!

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