23 questions to ask Bart Smit/Dr. Williams that will empower you in your business or workplace.

  1. What is my life purpose and how can I best fulfill this through my work/career/professional life?
  2. Given my soul’s purpose, what would the perfect career/job look like for me?
  3. What qualities do I need to bring forward in my workplace to be successful?
  4. What is my soul learning through my work/career path? What else do I need to learn at this time?
  5. What areas of my career/work do I need to focus on to achieve my professional goals?
  6. Am I on track in terms of my career? Is there anything I need to know at this time?
  7. What do I need to do to further my career goals?
  8. What is my experience in my professional life teaching me?
  9. What aspects of myself do I need to develop to strengthen my leadership capacity?
  10. What obstacles are preventing me from moving forward in my career (or business)?
  11. How can I improve my relationships at work?
  12. How can I strengthen my relationships with my colleagues?
  13. How I can I develop a more effective professional communication strategy?
  14. Are there any issues related to communication or power struggles that I should be aware of in my workplace/business?
  15. How can I communicate more effectively with my team (or my manager or my followers)?
  16. Are there any workplace dynamics that are undermining my success?
  17. Are there any individuals in my workplace who are sabotaging me?
  18. I work with the following individuals…..Who can I most trust in my workplace?
  19. I am experiencing a conflict in my workplace (Describe). What am I contributing to this conflict? What are others contributing? What action might I take to move forward in positive ways in this situation?
  20. What connections do I need to make to excel in my career/profession/organizational role?
  21. How can I be of service through my work?
  22. How can I best grow my business?
  23. How can I best leverage myself (education, strengths, skills, role) to move into more senior roles in my organization?

Bart Smit is a deep trance channeler offering private session in person or by phone 416.690.2345, bart@bart-smit.com.

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