2012 – Rising of Consciousness – Listen to the silent language of the soul (1 of 2)

People have been talking about the rising of Atlantis, about the ending of the calendar, well, it’s not coming, it is here. It’s not coming tomorrow, it’s happening today. Is the ending of the Mayan calendar the ending? It is the ending of a reptilian culture. It is the ending in the way that we have conducted ourselves. There is a dramatic shift within humanity that is going to take place within the next several years. We are returning to our original design where one did not just communicate with the mind, one communicated with the soul. It was the soul that spoke, not the mind. We knew the dance of the soul, we knew its language. You are now learning to listen to the language of the soul.

The world is changing more greatly than you can imagine. It isn’t just the floods that are going to happen or the earthquakes, it will be – where do I need to be? What is my soul telling me about where I need to be? We’re beginning to become aware of the fine attunements that we need to make to live in harmony. We can overcome anything and everything, but if we are continuously living in anxiety and fear then we have forgotten to listen to the soul.

It is not because the world is going to flood, but the crisis in this world is going to become real. The crisis when it comes to the economy, to gasoline, to water, when it comes to many things, consider it real. This is not fake; this is real. The world needs to come up very quickly with renewable energies in order for all of you to sustain and maintain flushing your toilets. You are no longer self-sufficient. You no longer grow your own food. You’ve become dependent on a culture and a government that has raped all of your resources. So why is it that I’m saying this to you? Is it because I’m frightening you or is it because if we are in tune, if we are listening to our soul, we can overcome anything?  The soul can change the world, but the mind and the ego cannot. When a quantum leap is required within a culture, when the people in the culture truly become attuned to and listen to the silent language of the soul, it is then that a culture can create the greatest change.

To get out of the matrix can only happen when we move beyond the senses and mind and return to this field of Consciousness. When we are in this quantum field of Consciousness, our reptile brain that has been so dramatically altered genetically, can restore itself and its vibrations and its ability; and in a sense, it teaches you how to go back home. Everything that you were designed to experience – the inner universes, liberation, enlightenment, all the gifts that were bestowed upon you were lost through time. But they all reside within the lymbic system and the reptile brain. The reptile brain is where the truth of it all resides.

We need to meditate on a regular basis to become one with Self. If there is no purpose for meditation there is no direction. With it, I am moving forward on a path of enlightenment by breaking the patterns, behaviors, and chemical warfares that exist within my brain. It means I am a child of God and I find the true sense of my soul. When you meditate, concentrate on the waves, the pulse of the soul. When we learn to move with the rhythms of the pulsations of the soul, then we become the witness of life. When we set a direction for our meditation, set it to feel the Self, to be the Self, to know the Self, to define the Self, to see the Self. Because when we attune our third eye, when we attune our inner ear, we can feel the entire universe moving through us because the soul is the entire universe.

People are gradually really getting it – they are the light. They are the torch. By finding their own strength, by listening to their own inner soul, by bypassing this barrage of thoughts and emotions, and truly finding their inner Self this is what breaks down the illuminati and breaks down the ending of the reptile existence. The illuminati has been in power for centuries. The illuminati and its reptilian behavior has had control over the Atlanteans for centuries. This is the rising of Atlantis. It is not a physical rising of a planet; it is a rising of Consciousness. You are that light. You are that torch. Get out of the programming of the primitive, reptilian way of behaving, out of the reptilian brain and enter into Consciousness.

We have learned to accept primitive behavior. Be aware that the illuminati has trained you and your ancestors for years to be in the dark. It is your choice to start feeling empowered and to realize who you are because otherwise as we are moving toward 2012, your reptile behavior will become more extreme, you’ll feel more depressed and a deeper sense of loss. But if you break the cycles and move beyond the density of your senses, and move into a deeper, higher ground, a field of quantum physics. When the mind enters into a unified field of Consciousness, it experiences liberation. That is when all of our reptilian behavior melts away, when we meditate on a regular basis, because liberation can only be experienced in a quantum field of Consciousness.


This blog was created from a video series of 6 videos recorded at the Bart Smit Meditation Retreat in Puerto Vallarta in 2011. Bart Smit is channeling Dr. Williams and his lecture is about 2012.  You can see the series online on Bart's web site  http://www.bart-smit.com/evolution-of-mankind-2012-16.html or on YouTube http://youtu.be/RH02Zw7meRM

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