2 Participants Daily Journal – Bart Smit Meditation Retreat 2012

During this year Bart Smit meditation retreat in Puerto Vallarta, two participants were asked to keep a daily journal and write one sentence a day. One participant was attending for the first time and the other one has been involved with the retreat since the beginning, 7 years ago (bold letter). Thank you for your personal and thoughtful contribution!



Bart's passion, wisdom and love that enveloped the "temple" carried me to stay on whatever journey was to unfold.  Walked me through all my uncertainty about my life towards the wisdom I needed, to hear God and the universe, and ultimately step out of my own way.  He had my trust immediately because he offered his…

How to create a more flowing life – each time we have a moment of grace in our day, recognize it, write it down, acknowledge it, and they'll start to happen more and more often and create a tapestry of change and growth….pretty soon everything will be better and easier…can't wait!



A shift occurred today, from feeling detached, numb to everything, including self.  Bart's teaching put words to all in me that I could not.  There is healing happening that my mind cannot comprehend and my heart is unfamiliar with but I'm getting glimpses. I appreciate with such gratitude the sacred space Bart creates.  The song he sang (Josh Grobin, I think), moved me beyond my ability to contain myself and every part of me was vibrating. Snatam Kaur's voice moved me beyond myself connecting me to the voice of my heritage and my mother came to visit – so grateful for this gift.  Felt such beauty and bliss!

Meditation, meditation, meditation….haven't Bart and Dr. Williams been telling us that for years…well, turns out vulnerability and transparency are keys to meditation…which, of course, is the pathway to knowing who we really are, where we're going, why we're here in the first place, and to every change we want to make in our lives.



Upon returning from the a brief break after the morning mediation I sat in my chair and meditation pulled me back in.  Eventually I surrendered and fell into a deep meditation where all the vibrations, movements and sensations in my body from the meditation earlier returned and took me over.  Bart's voice drifted in the background somewhere.  I was nervous to miss anything but I couldn't help it.  Meditation lead me on this incredible visual journey I have yet to articulate.

Mid-day break's short nap turned into the entire 3 hours, processing perhaps?

Dr. Williams talk reinforced everything Bart had been teaching.  It felt as though Bart and Dr. Williams are merging into each other.  

Though this feeling (that I came with and cannot describe, maybe it is the numbness Bart spoke of) has not left me completely I'm experiencing energies and pulses moving through me and though I don't truly know the effects (if any) of the shifts that are occurring within me I am surrendering and trusting. Did feel "blank" often today especially during group sessions and this made me anxious. However, I feel present, strong and that I am exactly where I need to be.

Thank you Bart, we are blessed by your light and enormous heart…I feel you.

Dr. Williams said that JOY is the healing factor; it's the foundation that repairs what needs to be healed in the heart – what more is there to say???



If only we could live life this way to arise early in the morning to do yoga, chanting and meditation with the sound of the ocean somewhere in the background…one-pointedness supported.  My first retreat ever and I feel transformed already.  From being sleep deprived and various illnesses that have put my life on hold this past year to coming to this magical place of such support.  I've transcended those limitations and made very class!  I'm astounded.  Bart's incredible ability to create a supportive sacred environment and the depth and breadth of his loving energy, lead me to and helped arise in me, my true vulnerability.  

Felt as though I was becoming more of myself, not necessarily changed, but more of myself.  What I am feeling is unfamiliar and maybe even dull, in there is the rearranging of the neuro-pathways that serve the soul, opens the heart and reacquaint me with what was never lost – GOD! What kept running through my thoughts is what I've heard Bart/Dr. Williams say countless time God dwells within you, for you, for you are God!  I recognized this!

Today I felt bruised and pain in my head. Evening meditation left my heart beating really fast and felt as though it was being opened then pulled out of meditation by insect bites on my feet!  

WOW! All nine layers of dimensions in detail…from the first in the center point of the galaxies and spiritual heart, through our very dense third dimension, into the sixth with the magical child, and finally the ninth, where God dwells within you as you for you.



Morning meditation pulled me in as soon as I sat down, unnerving at first, very powerful. Singing Amazing Grace and Snatam Kaur's music moved, lifted and invoked something within a group setting that takes one to an entirely different level of experience. Breathtaking and magical. Laurie and Bridget, soul-moving powerful music.  

Dr. Williams said "numbness occurs when we are not nurturing the gardens of our hearts, we can commit to our hearts every hour".  Profound.

Once again, deeply moved by Bart's grace and enormous capacity to express and be in the state of love…and the deep desire to share everything he has become so that others may heal and find their inner joy and bliss.  My eternal gratitude to you Bart for your extraordinary ability to teach, your courage and deep vulnerability.  I bow to the God within you.  Sat nam!

I'm not my mind or my emotions, I'm Consciousness and this journey I'm on is just between myself and God, so love well and chant your way to liberation!!!!


Bart Smit is a deep trance channeler offering private session in person or by phone 416.690.2345, bart@bart-smit.com.


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